Snow Day Extended Learning


The Snow Day Extended Learning program provides the students of NMRSD with real-time, authentic learning opportunities to replace canceled school days in place of adding the days to the end of the school calendar in June. Teachers will provide curriculum-based learning that their students can complete in place of a canceled school day.  Assignments may be short-term, unit-based or a long-term project equal to multiple days of learning.

The pilot program will take place starting January 16, 2018, through April 1, 2018, for up to five snow days that may take place during that time period.

There are a few ways that you can learn more about the details of the pilot program:

  • Faculty and staff will have overview and training meetings during the first two weeks of January to review the contents of the Extended Learning pilot and to begin creating assignments that reflect their grade level, subject and curriculum needs.
  • The district website has the PowerPoint presentation used at the December 18th school committee meeting for you to view, as well as, the pilot proposal containing an Overview, Frequently Asked Questions, Roles and Responsibilities, Sample Assignments and the Communication Plan. These can be accessed on the front page or by choosing the Extended Learning tab.
  • An Informational Meeting for families is going to be held next Thursday, January 11, 2018, beginning at 6:30 pm at the North Middlesex Regional High School.
  • Individual Schools will be sending out information through their preferred communication methods as well.

At the end of the pilot, the Snow Day Extended Learning committee will send out a survey to determine the strengths and areas of improvement for this initiative. The school committee will then be presented with a recommendation from the committee to either adopt the Extended Learning for future years, continue with a revised pilot, or discontinue the program based on the results of the survey.

We are excited to be a district piloting this alternative to the traditional “making up” of all snow days at the end of June and feel that this will provide a quality alternative for the students of North Middlesex to learn in an extended environment.

A special thank you to Principal Janda and members of the Snow Day Extended Learning committee for their commitment to this process.


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