VBES 5 Things!

  1. We congratulate Mrs. Tammy Anderson-Special Educator here at Varnum Brook for receiving the Joel D. Miller Award for 2017 at Fitchburg State University. A luncheon and award ceremony was held at FSU to honor alumni and retired educators on June 8th. The award is given to a teacher who meets specific criteria:  a person who exerts an influence for good among his/her students and has given unselfish devotion to his/her profession are just two of them. Congratulations Mrs. Anderson!
    Tammy Anderson Award
    Pictured L-R: Mrs. Kerry McCarthy, FSU Alumni Representative, Mr. Robert Belmore (Tammy’s father), Mrs. Tammy Anderson, Mrs. Jill Jarvis, Mrs. Marlene Belmore (Tammy’s mother), Mr. Brad Brooks, Ms. Charlotte Connor, and Dr. Tara Hanley.

    2. Field Days are next week-Monday and Tuesday look to be very hot days! Please dress for the weather and fun activities! Notices have been sent home with specifics for each grade level.

    3. This is the time of year that teachers and students are participating in Field Trips, Concerts, and various presentations. Make sure to check your child’s backpack for important information regarding dates and times.

          4. The 4th Grade Last Blast was held yesterday–and it really was a BLAST!! Thank     you for all the donations of food, the Pepperell Lions Club for cooking, the DJ, the staff and our unbelievable PTO who make it all possible!

          5. Tide Pools Alive from the Boston Aquarium was here this week-our         kindergarten students had fun with the sea creatures and learning about all kinds of       animals!

1 Will
Will–Starfish exploration!

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