MCAS and Roof News!

Guest 4th Grade Bloggers:4th grade blog 2

“On  March 27 the whole 4th grade did practice MCAS. It was on a computer. The computer was different but more fun and less messy. I thought it was sort of hard but sort of easy. The computer is way more “this age”. If we did use paper it could rip or maybe you can’t erase with something or it won’t erase. I would definitely prefer computer over paper. It’s less stressful, and way more fun.

More MCAS tests are coming up soon, but don’t worry because if you really focus you’ll do great. All you have to do is believe in yourself, and try your hardest. Whatever score you end up with at least you know you tried your hardest, and that’s as good as a 100%!” Olivia

Monday we had practice MCAS. We do practice MCAS so we can get started on our real MCAS. Practice MCAS is nothing compared to regular MCAS. Regular MCAS is way harder. We had 11 questions in our practice. We have a lot more questions in the real MCAS. Last year we had about 25 questions for MCAS. This year’s MCAS is harder because we are in 4th grade, and every year we go up it gets harder. For practice MCAS we have multiple choice questions,open responses, and essays.  I thought the multiple choice questions are easier and the open responses, and essays are harder. Most of the 4th graders had it on a computer. We will have more practice MCAS in the future. We have real MCAS next Thursday. You should practice typing and your ELA skills. Stay calm and do your best. Hope you all do well!”

Thank you Brayden and Olivia! 4th graders will take the MCAS tomorrow, Friday and Monday.

Roof…Rain…Snow Melt

Many of you (I am certain) heard that our custodial staff was working in the cafeteria and the library to combat the leaks that sprung up on Monday. The recent rain and melting combined to make an existing situation that much worse. Thank you to our custodians who stepped in to clear much of the ice off of our roof, and replace ceiling tiles–while also cleaning and disinfecting the building.



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