Signs of Spring at VBES

  • VBES Night at the Celtics-those are some of our students on the court at TD Garden! celtics
  • MCAS starts next week. Students practiced this week under the guidance of their classroom teachers. 4th grade students will take the test using a  chromebook-logo, while 3rd grade students are still taking the paper test.
  • The testing schedule for next week– Grade 3 English Language Arts April 3rd, 4th, 5th. Grade 4 English Language Arts April 6th, 7th and 10th.
  • Here are some tips from our Guest Bloggers: Mallory, Kailyn and Shayla4th graders blog

    Suggestions for Success on the MCAS  

    Hi!  We are 4th grade students and we would like to give you some suggestions for success on the upcoming MCAS tests.

    To start with, you should get a good night’s sleep the night before your MCAS tests.  It is important to be rested because you will be able to think more clearly.  On the morning of each testing day make sure you eat a healthy breakfast and pack a healthy snack.  You will need energy to complete each test.  

    So now it’s testing day.  Try and stay as relaxed as possible.  Your brain works better when your body is relaxed.  When you begin make sure to read EVERYTHING on the pages.  One good strategy is to read the questions first so that when you are reading the stories you know what answers to look for.  Don’t forget to read the stories or articles or poems or whatever you have to read VERY carefully!  Read, reread and read again!  Before you answer a question, try to eliminate the choices that just don’t fit.  Finally, if you need to write, or type, a response be sure to use correct spelling and punctuation.  Make your writing exciting!!!!

    Don’t stress about homework either because you probably won’t have any on MCAS days.

    Remember, STRESS FREE IS THE WAY TO BE!!!  Good luck!!!   Do your best!!!”

  • Red Sox Opening Day is April 3rd! redsox1

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