VBES Staff Enjoy Their Summer! Plus Summer Reading 2017!

The VBES Book Swap is underway! Tuesdays from 9:00-12:00, come in to choose some books and say hello to staff.

The summer is the best time to relax with a great read. This week I’m reading The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference by Malcolm Gladwell and I have a serious stack of books to go through! Let me know what YOU are reading! email me at thanley@nmrsd.org.

Here’s a glimpse at how some of our staff members are spending their time this summer!



VBES 5 Things!

  1. We congratulate Mrs. Tammy Anderson-Special Educator here at Varnum Brook for receiving the Joel D. Miller Award for 2017 at Fitchburg State University. A luncheon and award ceremony was held at FSU to honor alumni and retired educators on June 8th. The award is given to a teacher who meets specific criteria:  a person who exerts an influence for good among his/her students and has given unselfish devotion to his/her profession are just two of them. Congratulations Mrs. Anderson!
    Tammy Anderson Award
    Pictured L-R: Mrs. Kerry McCarthy, FSU Alumni Representative, Mr. Robert Belmore (Tammy’s father), Mrs. Tammy Anderson, Mrs. Jill Jarvis, Mrs. Marlene Belmore (Tammy’s mother), Mr. Brad Brooks, Ms. Charlotte Connor, and Dr. Tara Hanley.

    2. Field Days are next week-Monday and Tuesday look to be very hot days! Please dress for the weather and fun activities! Notices have been sent home with specifics for each grade level.

    3. This is the time of year that teachers and students are participating in Field Trips, Concerts, and various presentations. Make sure to check your child’s backpack for important information regarding dates and times.

          4. The 4th Grade Last Blast was held yesterday–and it really was a BLAST!! Thank     you for all the donations of food, the Pepperell Lions Club for cooking, the DJ, the staff and our unbelievable PTO who make it all possible!

          5. Tide Pools Alive from the Boston Aquarium was here this week-our         kindergarten students had fun with the sea creatures and learning about all kinds of       animals!

1 Will
Will–Starfish exploration!

Memorial Day 2017


memorial dayVBES students will participate in a Memorial Day Observation on Friday, May 26th at 9:45 AM in the gymnasium. Parents and community members are welcome to attend. Please be careful about parking-no cars in the FIRE LANE in front of the school. There are spots in the back, at the Skate Park, and on the side of Hollis Street.


VBES Fun Run Tomorrow!



Due to rain being in the forecast on Friday we had to move the fun run indoors to the gym for a Glow Run.  As the gym is a smaller space we have to do each grade individually and there will be limited viewing.  It is also going to be pretty loud in the gym with the fun run music.

The revised timing for the Fun Run is as follows:

Grade 3 – 9:15am – 10:15am

Grade 2 – 10:30am – 11:30am

Kindergarten – 11:45am – 12:30pm

Grade 1 – 12:35pm – 1:30pm

Grade 4 – 1:45pm – 2:45pm


VBES Fun Run 2017

We’re hosting a Fun Run to raise funds for our playground project!

Information was sent home today with your child about how to participate-please check backpacks for information on how to join in on this fun way to support our school.

The Fun Run will be held on Friday, May 5th-families are invited to see students complete their laps (schedule to follow with times of each grade level event). Students register online at: https://funrun.boosterthon.com/auth/login

All students will receive a free t-shirt and participate in the run (regardless of pledge amounts received). The character theme is about making a difference in our world. Students will learn about other kids doing amazing things where they live. The benefits of exercise and a healthy lifestyle are a regular part of our curriculum also! Get your sneakers on!!


MCAS and Roof News!

Guest 4th Grade Bloggers:4th grade blog 2

“On  March 27 the whole 4th grade did practice MCAS. It was on a computer. The computer was different but more fun and less messy. I thought it was sort of hard but sort of easy. The computer is way more “this age”. If we did use paper it could rip or maybe you can’t erase with something or it won’t erase. I would definitely prefer computer over paper. It’s less stressful, and way more fun.

More MCAS tests are coming up soon, but don’t worry because if you really focus you’ll do great. All you have to do is believe in yourself, and try your hardest. Whatever score you end up with at least you know you tried your hardest, and that’s as good as a 100%!” Olivia

Monday we had practice MCAS. We do practice MCAS so we can get started on our real MCAS. Practice MCAS is nothing compared to regular MCAS. Regular MCAS is way harder. We had 11 questions in our practice. We have a lot more questions in the real MCAS. Last year we had about 25 questions for MCAS. This year’s MCAS is harder because we are in 4th grade, and every year we go up it gets harder. For practice MCAS we have multiple choice questions,open responses, and essays.  I thought the multiple choice questions are easier and the open responses, and essays are harder. Most of the 4th graders had it on a computer. We will have more practice MCAS in the future. We have real MCAS next Thursday. You should practice typing and your ELA skills. Stay calm and do your best. Hope you all do well!”

Thank you Brayden and Olivia! 4th graders will take the MCAS tomorrow, Friday and Monday.

Roof…Rain…Snow Melt

Many of you (I am certain) heard that our custodial staff was working in the cafeteria and the library to combat the leaks that sprung up on Monday. The recent rain and melting combined to make an existing situation that much worse. Thank you to our custodians who stepped in to clear much of the ice off of our roof, and replace ceiling tiles–while also cleaning and disinfecting the building.


Signs of Spring at VBES

  • VBES Night at the Celtics-those are some of our students on the court at TD Garden! celtics
  • MCAS starts next week. Students practiced this week under the guidance of their classroom teachers. 4th grade students will take the test using a  chromebook-logo, while 3rd grade students are still taking the paper test.
  • The testing schedule for next week– Grade 3 English Language Arts April 3rd, 4th, 5th. Grade 4 English Language Arts April 6th, 7th and 10th.
  • Here are some tips from our Guest Bloggers: Mallory, Kailyn and Shayla4th graders blog

    Suggestions for Success on the MCAS  

    Hi!  We are 4th grade students and we would like to give you some suggestions for success on the upcoming MCAS tests.

    To start with, you should get a good night’s sleep the night before your MCAS tests.  It is important to be rested because you will be able to think more clearly.  On the morning of each testing day make sure you eat a healthy breakfast and pack a healthy snack.  You will need energy to complete each test.  

    So now it’s testing day.  Try and stay as relaxed as possible.  Your brain works better when your body is relaxed.  When you begin make sure to read EVERYTHING on the pages.  One good strategy is to read the questions first so that when you are reading the stories you know what answers to look for.  Don’t forget to read the stories or articles or poems or whatever you have to read VERY carefully!  Read, reread and read again!  Before you answer a question, try to eliminate the choices that just don’t fit.  Finally, if you need to write, or type, a response be sure to use correct spelling and punctuation.  Make your writing exciting!!!!

    Don’t stress about homework either because you probably won’t have any on MCAS days.

    Remember, STRESS FREE IS THE WAY TO BE!!!  Good luck!!!   Do your best!!!”

  • Red Sox Opening Day is April 3rd! redsox1